Mobile Legends Hack 2021: Unlimited Battle Points and Diamonds Hack

Download Mobile Legends Hack 2021 Apk to get Unlimited Diamonds, Gems, and Money free of cost instantly. You have an opportunity to become more powerful in the Mobile Legends by downloading and installing this Mobile Legends Hack Tool. Also, there are many other features that offer you to break all the rules and restrictions of the official game.

In the list of trending games, the Mobile Legends Hack grab the attention of millions of people. It is an action-packed game that comes with all resources to get free that are not accessible with its official app. The game gives you a chance to find heroes. Further, your process by making a team of top heroes. There are interesting things to do like matchmaking, battles, team, battles and much more. More Importantly, this mod comes with unlimited diamonds, tickets, battle points so that you can everything free of cost. So, if you are interested then keep swiping down.

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Mobile Legends Hack

How to Install Mobile Legends Hack? 

Nowadays, Mobile Legends Hack App is extremely becoming popular across the globe because of its cool features. This mod will allow you to easily control and access all the features that are restricted in its official app. You will get unlimited diamonds, unlimited battle points, tickets and much more. There is no worry about paying charges because this game is now freely available on our site. It ensures you’ll easily download and install it on your android devices.

Mobile Legends Hack Apk for Android

Allow Unknown Sources: Before downloading the Mobile Legends Hack Apk, you will have to allow “Unknown Sources” from the setting of your Android device.

Download: Here is provided the latest link of this app, click on the given link to download it and wait for some moments

Install: After downloading, open the downloaded APK file where you have stored. Open it to start the installation process. It requires dome permissions, accepts them all.

Enjoy: After installing, you have done successfully. Enjoy its amazing features.


Mobile Legends Hack iOS 

You can also download and install mobile legends hack for iOS. Officially, this hack is not available for iOS but you can download and install it on your iPhone by using Cydia Impactor. Follow the procedure:

  • First of all, download and install Cydia impactor on your PC.
  • Connect your iPhone with PC using a USB cable.
  • Login with Apple ID and create a profile.
  • Download this hack Apk and add it to the profile.
  • Now choose the profile from your iPhone and install the apk file free of cost.
  • Enjoy!


You can download and install it free of cost. If you need the latest hack version, visit us again to download and install the latest version.

Mobile Legends Hack PC

No official version of this hack available for PC but you can download and install it on your PC by using Android Emulator. For this purpose, download Bluestacks from the internet on your PC. Now download and install the Mobile Legends Hack Tool to get unlimited diamonds, battle points, money and gems free of cost.


Why Mobile Legends Hack?

The Mobile Legends Hack is totally free to get unlimited resources. Here, you will get everything that you ever wish to get in its official app. That’s is why is the game is becoming more day by day. Because, in its official app, you’ll have to pay a lot to get sources, but in this mod, you can get all features effortlessly.


The gameplay of Mobile Legends where each team can choose five heroes. With regular updates, the number of heroes will be wide, and it continues growing. The heroes have different categories such as Marksman heroes, Tank heroes, Mage Heroes, Fighter heroes, and Assassin heroes. The ultimate goal is to destroy your opponents. There are three lanes included such as top, middle, and bottom. Each lane comes with two towers on both sides. Well, the towers prevent the heroes from the opponents. You’ll have to make the best strategy to destroy your opponents. Firstly, you’ll need to destroy the enemy’s base and then the enemy’s core. And some super action objectives are also included.

In Mobile Legends Hack, you have to battle against real opponents. The best thing is you can fight over three lanes at the same time. You can make block damage, healing teammates, and control the enemy. It is also possible to pick from marksmen, tanks, mages and lots of other things. When coming to matchmaking, there are new seconds. Now you will have 10 minutes to play and much more.

Mobile Legends Hack Features

Here are the main features that you will be able to get in Mobile Legends Hack. These features include:

Mobile Legends Hack Diamonds

Since we all know that diamonds are the most wanted currency in all the games. It’s a premium amount that you will need to purchase special items that you collect after a hard struggle. But you can use Mobile Legends Diamond Hack to get unlimited diamonds free of cost. By using diamonds, you can access any locked items and much more.

Unlimited Tickets

In Mobile Legends, the tickets will be only accessible when you win PVP battles. The tickets are also special because using them you can buy special equipment for your playable characters. So, this mod provides enough amount of tickets so that you can make a purchase for your special characters.

Free of Cost

Another best feature of this mod is, it is free to play and to download and install on your android devices. There is no need to worry about anything to avail of. You have all access to anything you want to get. Therefore, it does not need to waste your time earning in-game monies. Just download this mod and play like magic.

Unlimited Battle Points

In this mod to get battle points, there is a long struggle required. You will have to win lots of matches and find rewards. But in the Mobile Legends Hack, you don’t need to play to win the battle point. As this mod, itself brings for you to get battle points as much as you want. Similarly, it also allows you to get diamonds and tickets so you can freely get everything.

High Graphics

This mod comes with high graphics features. The 3D graphics encourage you to help you play this game for hours. The graphic is the main part of the game ranking. If you have played the official app, then you’ll see a noticeable difference. So, if you want to play a game with a high definition of graphics then all you will need to download it by clicking the download link as given below.

Additional Features

Before going to downloading steps, let’s have a look at some of its additional features. These features are also freely accessible in this mod.

  • Unlimited resources: In this updated version, you can get unlimited resources like diamonds, coins, money, and cash. By using resources, you can unlock the premium things. As you know, to get endless resources is not possible in the official version.
  • Map Hack: A unique map is available for the game that helps you to go to the destination. But, the updated version of the mobile legends has a map hack facility for the players.
  • Unlock All Skins: Skin is also a significant currency in the Mobile Legends, and to get the desired skin is not an easy task in the official game. Therefore, we brought up the updated version that has all skins unlocked. So, you can get all kinds of skins for free.
  • 1 Hit Tower: In this updated version, you can also enjoy the feature of 1 Hit tower.
  • Unlimited Battle Points: If you want to get the battle points in endless quantity, then download this download version and enjoy the desired quantity.
  • Auto-update: The most interesting thing in this updated version is that it has an Auto-update feature. So, you can get all the newly added features and updates easily. In this way, you can enjoy all the latest characteristics.
  • Anti-ban System: Some players of the Mobile Legends think that they have to face banning issues and problems to play this updated version. But, you don’t need to take the stress because it has an Antiban system. So, you can enjoy this modified version without any fear of issues.
  • Easy to Use: The uses keys of this updated version are similar to the official game and also easy to understand. So, you can select the characters, play a fight, run, move left and right, and all others task within seconds. Plus, you don’t need to learn techniques and special things to play it.

Mobile Legends Hack Fun

Mobile Legends Hack Fun allows you to enjoy unlimited diamonds free of cost. Do you want to enjoy MLBB? That’s great but no one can enjoy in the game without limitless diamonds. Understand? Let me clear it! In the real-life, money is the main source to have fun in the life. Without money, you cannot fulfil your wishes. Same as it is, diamonds are the main source of living in the game. If you have more diamonds, you can have more fun. So, get unlimited diamonds by using this Mobile Legends Hack Fun Generator.

Download Mobile Legends Hack Apk

Download and install this hack version on your device to get unlimited everything like gems, diamonds, money, and battle points free of cost. Go to the download page by clicking on the below button:

Download Page

How Get Free Diamonds Mobile Legends? 

There are two ways: earn diamonds by doing efforts or hack unlimited diamonds. We have a hacking tool here to get unlimited diamonds free of cost for you. Are you ready? Download Mobile Legends Hack Apk free of cost on your Android phone and follow simple steps to get unlimited diamonds. Believe me! There will be no rules or restrictions for you. Enjoy everything free of cost!

The Final Verdict

All in all, the Mobile Legends Hack is one of the best games where you have access to all its features freely. There you don’t have to face any restrictions. You have unlimited resources. However, it is freely available on our site, download it, and enjoy. Still, you are facing any issue in downloading and installing this Apk on your Android? Don’t worry! Leave a comment in the comments section. We are always here to help you. Keep following us for more updates.

Note: This is not an official game Mobile Legends but it is a hacked version developed and launched by the third party. We are sharing this hack for educational purposes. Also, we are not responsible for any misuse of this hack. We recommend the use of an official game by official publishers. Thanks!

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