Are you looking for Mobile Legends MOD APK? Many game lovers are looking for mobile legends unlimited diamonds, money, and gems without any efforts to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Here, Mobile Legends Mod  APK is available free of cost to download and install.

You have played many mobile games on your device because hundreds of games are available on the internet. One of the best games is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Due to its fantastic and excellent graphics, players want to play this game on their devices like Androids, iPhone, and PC but it is not easy to earn resources in the game. So, people love to download their mods because they need unlimited gems, diamonds, and money.

Mobile Legends MOD APK

If you want to download the APK file of this mod, then you are at the right platform. Stay with me for a complete installation guide! Mobile Legends MOD APK has got a significant number of fans from all over the world because of its features. Nowadays, everyone wants to play this game and millions of people have downloaded it in a short time.

Download Mobile Legends MOD APK

The downloading and installing process of this MOD is different for each device. Here, I will tell you the process to download and install the Mobile Legends MOD APK for Android, iOS, and PC. Let’s start a discussion about methods!

Version Info

NameMobile Legends MOD APK
Size91 MB
Main FeatureUnlimited Everything
Android Version4.3+

Mobile Legends MOD APK for Android

You can download this MOD on Android free of cost. Before downloading, you have to know that it is not an official game but it is a mod of an official game, so, you have to uninstall the official game before installing it. Let’s talk about simple and easy steps:

  • Uninstall the official game first.
  • Before downloading, enable unknown sources by going to the setting of your device.
  • Now, click on the given link below to download this MOD. Tap on the downloaded file and open it.
  • When the file is opened, tap on the installing option and install it.
  • After completing the installation process, you can enjoy the MOD on your device.
  • Congratulations!

Download Apk

Mobile Legends MOD APK for iOS

Officially, it is not available for iOS devices but I have a trick to download and install this mod on your iOS device. The complete process is mentioned below. You have to follow these steps one by one:

  • To download for iOS device, connect your device with the PC and get Cydia impactor.
  • After to do this, install the Cydia impactor.
  • Now, click on the given link below to download the Mobile Legends MOD.
  • Click on the downloaded file after complete the downloading process.
  • With your clicking file will open.
  • After opening the file click on the installing option and install it.
  • You will get the installed file after waiting a few seconds.
  • Now, enjoy it!


Mobile Legends MOD APK for PC

As you know, it is only available for Android devices. But there is no need to worry if you want to download and install it on your PC because I am going to share a trick with you to download and install the APK file on PC. Are you excited? That’s great! Stay with me for more details!

  • To download this MOD for PC, you should have Bluestacks emulator.
  • After getting the Bluestacks, click on the given link below to download this Mobile Legends MOD.
  • When the downloading process will complete, pull the downloaded file and drag it into the Bluestacks.
  • Here, click on the file and open it.
  • Now, click on the installing option and allow the file to install.
  • Wait for some moments that the installation process completes.
  • Enjoy!



Furthermore, Morton launched this game on 11 July 2016 for Android. China and Southeast Asian (Indonesia and Malaysia) servers launched it the first time.  Moreover, in November 2016, it was released for iOS devices.

Although it was the most popular game of Southeast Asian servers, therefore, on 10 September 2018, it ranked at the 60th place among the top-grossing games. One hundred million people have downloaded this game before its ranking date. Now, I can believe in saying that unlimited people have been downloading it.

Do You Know It?

Millions of people are looking for the mobile legends mod APK because they want to get unlimited resources. That’s why some third-party developers have launched its mod free of cost. Here, you can download this mod by clicking on the given button below.

Why Are People Looking for Moblie Legends MOD APK? 

Mobile legend is a very stunning game for game lovers. There are many MODs of this game. Moreover, people like Mobile Legends MOD very much due to its charming features, unlimited diamonds, unlimited money, and unlimited Gems.

However, you can get multiple online battle arenas at the time playing. This game is quite different as compared to the other games due to its unique and nice graphics. Now, we are going to tell you the features of this lovely game.

Mobile Legends MOD APK Features 

There are many extra and excellent features available in Mobile Legends MOD APK, but I will highlight the main features here. Keep my words!

Mobile Legends Unlimited Diamonds

Mobile Legends Unlimited Diamonds

To get unlimited resources in the official game is a very challenging task. Moreover, you cannot get unlimited diamonds to play the official’s game. As compared to the official game, you can earn unlimited Diamonds by playing this MOD APK or Mobile Legends Diamond Hack.

Mobile Legends Unlimited Money

The players of the official game had bored to play the game without money. After seeing this condition, the third party gave the MOD of Mobile Legend: Bang Bang to the players. Now, the players can get unlimited money to play this MOD APK.

Unlimited Gems

If you want to earn unlimited resources, then you should play the MOD of this game instead of the official game. The reason is that there are no resources in the official game. Moreover, you can get unlimited Gems to the MOD of Mobile Legend: Bang Bang.

Single and Multiplayer

There is an option available in this MOD that how many players do you want to play. It means that, if you want to play the MOD with a single character, then you can play. Moreover, you can also play the MOD for more than one player. Furthermore, if you and your friends want to play the MOD together, then it is possible in this MOD.

A large Number of Heroes 

Due to this fantastic feature, people like this Mobile Legends MOD Menu very much. You can get a large number of heroes in this MOD. Moreover, when you will play with more than one player, you can more enjoy than a single player. So, you should play this MOD with a large number of heroes.

An Efficient Ranking System

If you want to teat your skills, then you can do it. You can reach the top point by getting a rank. For this purpose, you can compete with your players and get ranks.

Small Size MOD APK

You can download this MOD in a few seconds. Moreover, you can put this MOD in low space. The reason is that this is a very small size MOD APK. And you can also play this MOD on older mobile phones.

Easy to Control and Interface

Furthermore, you can control easily this MOD because its control system is very effortless. Moreover, you can win the battle and get reward easily due to the comfortable control system.

No Root Required

In this modern era, there is no need to root your Android device if you are going to download and install this mod APK. Simply, you can download and install it on your device as official apps. Before downloading, Allow Unknown Sources from Settings.

Free of Cost

This mod apk is available here to download for Android and iOS free of cost. The main purpose of this mod is unlimited everything free of cost. In the official game, unlimited resources are not available to free of cost. Mobile Legends game is also free but the resources in the game like coins and diamonds are not free. But the unlimited resources are free in this mod. Don’t wait but download and install this app on your smartphone. If you only want Mobile Legends Generator for diamonds, then you can download it separately to get unlimited diamonds free of cost.

No Banning Issues

As you know, hundreds of players are of Mobile Legends Apk available in the world. Some lovers of the official game think that they may face the banning issues or security problems. Don’t need to take the stress about this problem because it is launched with the antiban quality. So, you can enjoy it without facing issues.

HD Realistic Graphics

The graphics of this updated version are so attractive and beautiful, avoiding the players from boredom. For example, highly skilled characters with unique outfits, battlegrounds, classic three-lane maps, and HD format on all the scenes realize the real world.

Offline Mode

Since all the lovers of mobile legends mod don’t secure internet connection or money to play online, don’t worry about it. The reason is that the developers focused on this issue and launched this updated version with both modes. So you can enjoy it online and offline also.

Unlimited Health

To die without completing the mission or killing the enemies is a bad thing. How can you win the battle? Weapons and skills also matter, but if you don’t have limitless health, then you may face defeat. That’s why you can get unlimited health in this updated version that easy to win.

Lovely Music

As you start playing, lovely music starts, and you will not feel boredom at the time of playing. Do you know? A lot of lovers of mobile legends download this updated version to enjoy the music.

Friendly Wars

As you know, this updated version came out from the battle game. So, if you want to win the battles easily, then you have to download this Mobile Legends Mod. The reason is that it has friendly wars and familiar maps.

Familiar Maps

Since the map is necessary to fight a battle, the developers launched this updated version in three main lanes that easy to understand. Plus, five roles are available in which you can choose the desired role. Let us start a discussion about them! Here, we also have Mobile Legends Map Hack if you are specifically looking to access the complete map without any restrictions.

Top Lane: it is the place for the generals and leaders that work for pushing the teams or opening the fight. Additionally, they have capabilities of the independent fight. And the location of the top lanes is between the heavy tankers and gladiators.

Jungle: Do you know? The jungle has many resources, and you need to clean the jungle if you want to get all the resources. To clean the jungle, you have to kill all the monsters. Besides, the jungle directly affects the outcome.

Mid Lane: AP heroes or highly skilled characters show off their skills in this lane. It is apart from the jungle and very important for winning battles. Do you know? The players of the mid lane make ease for other teams. Also, they put pressure on the entire map and win easily.

Bot Lane: This lane is the place of those heroes or characters with high skills to damage and attack the enemies. So, if you have highly skilled players, you can carry or add highly-skilled players.

Have You Enjoyed Features? 

These are really great and exciting features available free of cost but you don’t forget that these features are not the end but there are many other features also available in this mod. You can enjoy all the features after downloading and installing the APK file. 

What are the Best 5 Ranks in the Mobile Legends Mod Apk?

As you know, Mobile legends Apk is the most wanted video game in the world. Millions of players have downloaded the modified version to enjoy unlimited money, gems, diamonds, cash, skins, coins, battle points, etc. Many levels are stages in the Mobile legend, but the best ranks offer the coins, diamonds, battle points, and tickets. Let us elaborate on the first fiveranks!


It is the first rank in the mobile legends. You start it from the lowest level, like warrior III, and you need three stars for going to the next level, warrior III to warrior II. Each rank has three divisions, and requirements are the stars to access the level. If you lose a match as a warrior, your star will not waste. The reward in this rank is:

  • Premium Skin Fragments x 1
  • 100 Tickets
  • 1000 Battle Points


After the warrior rank, the second rank is Elite. The playing rule is the same as reaching the first level beginning from the lowest level. Do you know? The star quantity is 5 to reach the next level in Elite. Also, your stars will not be wasted because of this elite rank. Plus, the second rank has a reward for the players that are available below!

  • Premium Skin Fragments x 3
  • 200 Tickets
  • 2000 Battle Points


It is the 3rd rank in the Mobile legends. In the master, the lowest level is four, and the players need five stars to reach the next level. You can go to the next rank by completing the four divisions of the master. Now, if you don’t win the match, you can lose the stars.

You can save your stars by playing the game in a special condition. For example, if you play with 1 or 2 players and lose a match, your stars will not be wasted. The Master Rank reward is more than previous ranks. The reward of this rank is:

  • Season Exclusive Skin (Mystery Skin)
  • 300 Tickets
  • 4000 Battle Points


As you know, grandmaster is the 4th rank in the Mobile Legends. There are 5 divisions or levels in this rank, and you need six stars to reach the next levels. The plus point in this rank is that you can unlock a draft pic that allows playing a special match. Spectators command this special match.

In the grandmaster, playinga match is more challenging than in previous ranks. Likewise, both teams can’t use the same heroes as master, elite, and warrior. This rank offers a great reward to the players.

  • Season Exclusive Skin (Mystery Skin)
  • 600 Tickets
  • 7000 Battle Points


The rank epic is harder than all previous ranks. You have to complete the five divisions in this rank to reach the next ranks, and also six stars are required to reach the next level. In the Epic, you can use the same hero on both sides.

Moreover, you should know heroes, roles, team strategy, and tactics to get victory in this rank. If you complete this unique rank, a great reward will be waiting for you.

  • Season Exclusive Skin (Mystery Skin)
  • 1000 Tickets
  • 12000 Battle Points

Mobile Legends Mod Apk Unlimited Skins

If you want to get the unlimited skins, then it is possible, but you have to play mobile legends mod Apk. You can get many advantages by using the skin in the mobile legends, but it is not possible in the official game. This modified version has endless or countless skins for the players.

Most of players focus on other resources like diamonds, money, and coins, but the most important thing is skins. We will discuss the ways to get unlimited skins, most expensive skins, and uses of the skins.

How Can You Get the Mobile Legends Skins?

Hundreds of websites provide the facility to play mobile legends, but the players can’t get unlimited skins. There are different ways to get unlimited skins. If you want an authentic and fully working method, then follow our words:

Diligent Login Every Day

The easiest and simple way to get the free unlimited skins is daily login in Mobile Legends. When you log in every day in it, you can get a golden chance to get a box on the 7th day. And this box has unlimited skins for you that can be used without charges.

Take advantage of Lucky Spin

A lucky spin is available in the mobile legends. You can get a chance to play this spin every two weeks. So, if you are lucky, then you can get limitless skins by playing spin. Otherwise, fragments of the skins are for you. Since the first way needs perseverance, the Lucky Spin is the best way.

Ride Rank

This way is also useful to get countless skins. So, if you want skins in unlimited quantity, then you have to rank or go higher, properly. The reason is that Moonton provides the limitless skins to the players in each season that are in the list of Master Rank. Other than that, you can get battles points or tickets by ranking.

Swap with Fragment

Skin is also a very important currency in Mobile legends like diamonds and battles points. Another way to get endless skins is that you can swap different fragments with events. Plus, if events are enough, then you can get both skin fragments and rare skin fragments.

Try Trial Skin

You can get the trail skin feature in the Mobile Legends Mod Apk. By using this feature, you can also get unlimited skins. It provides the trail within a certain limit and ranges of the days. For example, you can get the trail of one day, two days, and up to seven days.

Opening Chests

Two types of chests are in the Mobile Legends, Medal Chest, and Free Chest. Both chests can provide the limitless quantity of skins. So, you can open the free chest after four hours, but you have to get ten points to open the medal chest.

Most Expensive Skins

There are 12 heroes’ skins that are the most expensive in the Mobile legends. Also, you have to pay the charges to get these skins in the official game. But, all are free in the mod Apk. Since the modified version of the Mobile Legends provides unlimited diamonds, you can get any skin by using the diamonds.  The most expensive skins and the required diamonds are available below!

  • Layla – Cannon, and Roses
  • Clint – Guns and Roses
  • Irithel – Hellfire
  • Bruno – Best DJ
  • Franco – Wasteland Butcher
  • Rafaela – Flower Fairy
  • Miya – Modena Butterfly
  • Saber – Regulator
  • Johnson – Automata
  • Zilong/Yun Zhao – Dragon Knight
  • Bane – Count Dracula
  • Saber – Codename Storm

Advantages of the Skins

Some players have a question in mind what is the advantage of the skin. So, you can secure the traffic with encryptions of the military-grade. Plus, you can hide your IP address and location by using the skins. If you don’t have enough money to get unlimited skins, then some easiest ways are mentioned in the above section. You can use any way to get skins.

Download Mobile Legends Mod Apk

Download Mobile Legends Mod Apk free of cost for your Android and iOS device. Click on the below button and download it from the download page. Enjoy unlimited everything mod. Thanks!


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be strong in mobile legends?

You can become strong in mobile legends by getting unlimited diamonds, gems, and money. It is possible to become a king of the game with these unlimited resources. Here, I have Mobile Legends Hack to get all these resources free of cost. Download and install this mod to enjoy unlimited resources.


I will keep updating the APK files, so, you can revisit the website again for the latest updates. Moreover, I recommend you to follow the step by step guide to download and install Mobile Legends MOD APK on your device. Before downloading, don’t forget to uninstall the official game from the device. Moreover, if you have any questions or suggestions in your mind, you can write a comment below. We always appreciate suggestions from you. Thank you


There is no connection of this mod with official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. We are providing this mod for the educational purposes to aware people of the latest technologies. Moreover, we are not responsible for any misuse of Mobile Legends Mod. We are lovers of Mobile Legends game and credit goes to Moonton (Official Developer) for such a nice game. Thank you!

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